Creating Beauty

As a child, I was frightened by a humongous Kissy doll. At 3, it was as big as I was and when you pulled it's hands together it made a smacking or a supposed kissing sound. I was sure it would get up and get me......making smacking sounds as it neared my bed.

Now I make dolls.....some are supposed to be scary, but most just reflect how I look at beauty. To me we have a very narrow view of what beauty is and is not. I have cerebral palsy and don't think I'm whining about it I'm not. I'm lucky my case is very mild compared to some people's. But you can pick me out as different, I walk awkwardly, but my arm and leg work correctly.....for someone with a partially paralyzed arm and leg.

I look like someone with CP is supposed to and in my way I'm attractive. I try to reflect alternative beauty in the dolls I create and so in some ways I'm still dealing with fear, but now it's not my own.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween is coming

Halloween has always been our favorite holiday and to celebrate the  season we're offering a special on custom art cards. My husband MJ is the illustrator at Le Chat Noir. If you're interested in a card depicting a cartoon of your favorite monster or a pin-up version, visit our etsy shop and place your order.. During this offer from October first to the fifteenth the price of the cards will be 10.00 + shipping. After the fifteenth, they will go back to their original price.


  1. Hi Laura. I had purchased a coloring book from your etsy shop some years ago. It was great. It was purchased as a gift and the recipient loved it. Looking forward to reading more on your new blog. oxoxo Kristi

    1. Thanks Kristi! I hope I can keep up with it. But, lately I seem to have a lot more energy.